Hello my name is Colin and I am one of the Haven Flyers, our name comes from our favourite flying site at Holland Haven Country Park on the Essex Coast between Clacton and Frinton-on-sea ( CO15 5TX ) we are not a club but a group of friends that like flying kites, our main interest is flying quad kites but we also dabble with single and two line kites, we fly most Sundays, weather and kite festivals allowing, we usually have five or more flyers most Sundays, at the start of last year (2011) I thought it would be a good idea to do a weekly blog of our flying exploits so that those that are not able to join us for a fly on a regular basis could be kept up to date and still feel involved.

Any comments/thoughts/observations made are my own.

I was recently tidying out a cupboard and one of my diaries fell to the floor, could not believe the page it opened at, a couple of extracts read...



Sat Feb 16th 2008


Very windy today could not decide about going for a fly at Clacton but decided to go, had another go at flying my Rev 1.5, met three other blokes Bruce, Peter and Rob all who fly rev's, didn't seem to mind that I was crap, Bruce even let me have a go on his Vented rev, made it himself !! might be a good chap to know so gave him my e mail, said he had taken some pictures and was going to send them to me



Sun Feb 17th 2008


Sharp frost this morning, not much wind but went to Clacton and flew my Gemini Ultra light, the guy's I met yesterday came down and two others can't remember their names but one seemed to like wearing a silly hat, joined in with the chat, Rob let me have a go with his Rev, not so good could not get the bloody thing off the floor, not enough wind for me, going to have to watch how he and Bruce can get it in the air, helped them sort out a very big lobster, had a brilliant day only known them two days feels like two years, hope they don't mind me hanging around.



and so it started.....

A bit of history.

Sunday Feb 17th 2008













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