7th July

As I drove home a song came on the radio that summed today up very nicely, it was Lou Reed singing " Just a perfect Day "

The day dawned sunny and warm and it was only going to get hotter, I made my way to Holland Haven arriving just after 8 am as I fancied a walk along the beach first thing, also gave me a chance to see if any interesting bit's of wood had been washed up, the sea breeze was lovely and as it slowly increased I made my way back to the field and set up the shelter, the ground is really quite hard so had to hammer the pegs in with some force, made a mental note not to drink all my bottles of water as I was sure I would need some water later when we came to pack up.

Had a short fly by myself in the peace and quiet with only the sound of the Sea and the Birds for company, after about an hour and thinking a bit of company would be nice Bruce arrived quickly followed by Roger and Margaret, as we stood and chatted Rob also pulled into the car park, in the boot he had several single line kites.

After we had had a quick fly I helped Rob set up a string of diamond kites followed by his Ice Age theme, Igloo, Polar Bears, Penguin's, Seal's and his new addition a Walrus, and very nice it was too, while we were setting these up a kid shouted look " a Snow Rabbit" pointing at a Seal, does make you wonder about kid's education nowadays' !! but it did give Rob another idea for a new kite.

Tea and cake was eaten late morning before we got back to flying in what was a pretty smooth sea breeze, somewhere between mid vent and full vent, as the sun was in the right direction I flew my Full Vent Blue Pro as I like the way the panels in the sail twinkle, I know, sad, it was about now that Rich and his mate John arrived, and Rich had his kite bag with him.

Rich has not been able to come flying for a while, last October in fact, he soon had his Rev full vent put together and was remembering how much fun it is to fly a quad, as he had put in a lot of hard work last year improving his skills it all soon came back to him, inverted hovers and side slides etc were being done with ease.

Daz was the last of our flyers to arrive today having been at work last night and he had also brought his Rev bag's with him, so by late morning we had five quads in the sky doing their own thing before doing a bit of team flying, the number of kites stayed the same but the flyers altered as Rob took over other peoples kites when he wasn't doing his single line stuff and when someone fancied a sit down, caused a few issues as folk changed their position's in the line up, they forgot they had now changed to being an even or an odd and promptly flew in the wrong direction.

After lunch we took the team stuff a bit more seriously, not that we take anything too seriously, but the moves became more complicated and an extended off the cuff routine started to take shape.

I thought it was looking quite good considering how little of it we have done lately folk watching must have thought so too as a number stopped to watch with one or two filming it, one couple on their way back from the Beach set up their chairs behind us and sat and watched, and very nicely clapped and ooh ed and ahhed at the right times, as we were getting thirsty we came in and landed followed by a ripple of applause from the watching public.

Middle of the afternoon was a very laid back affair, with folk flying or just sitting and enjoying the sun, think it can be tricky to get a good balance between team flying and individual flying and then just chilling out when there is a group of you but I think we manage it very well, Rob think's we spend too much time drinking Tea and eating cake, " yet to learn you can never have too much cake he has " as Yoda would say.

Late afternoon folk drifted away while some of us stayed till six, was glad I had saved some water as some of the peg's on the shelter were putting up a fight, a bit of H2O poured over them soon had them out.

Lou Reed was right " Just a Perfect Day "


Sunday 14th July

The fine weather continue's, Saturday was very hot and sticky in land so what was needed was a day somewhere a bit cooler and away from the crowd's and noise, Holland Haven fit's the bill perfectly.

On the drive to the Haven the roads were wet !!! having had a very isolated and short shower, the ground at the country park was dry but the little bit of rain meant we didn't have to hammer the pegs of the shelter in today.

The wind was blowing along the Haven and just strong enough for us to use the mid vent's, while me and Roger were having the first fly of the day Margaret took herself off for a walk to Frinton, in the distance we could see some lifter's, that meant that Rob and young Peter were putting on a single line kite display for the lucky folk of Frinton on Sea.

Bruce arrived about 10am with a pair of pliers in hand as well as his kites, he needed to make a repair to an essential piece of Haven kite flyers equipment, his chair had a sharp bit of metal poking out of it that needed seeing to.

As it's summer, at last, we never know who is going to come flying what with folk on hols or away at festival's etc ( Daz had gone to the Brighton kite festival ) so it was a pleasant surprise when Old Pete, Simon and Val came to join us for a morning in the fresh air and a fly.

Pete and Simon put together a couple of full sails that Pete had made, the wind had dropped off enough for the rest of us to think about changing sail's but as we never rush to do anything we thought a cup of tea would be a good idea while we waited to see what happened to the wind strength.

After being suitably refreshed the wind was still lightish so me and Roger changed to full sail's, we did a bit of team flying before lunch to entertain folk that were watching, we took lunch at about 12.30 and as we sat and watched the world drift bye we began to realise that nearly all the folk that were at the Haven were foreigner's, had a bit of fun trying to work out where they came from by listening to their accent's, mostly eastern Europe we reckoned.

One large group had set up a picnic not that far in front of us, so as they walked to and from the sea for a swim we chased them a bit and nicked their football using the kites, they thought that was really funny, honestly they did, and at various times we landed the kites on their sun shades, and when they gestured for us to make some kite arches or to land the kites on their hands so that they could have their photo's taken we were happy to oblige.

One chap came over for a chat to ask about the kites and us, he thought we were professional's, he spoke a bit of English and as I am multi lingual I spoke loudly and waved my arms a lot, we managed to understand each other and as he went back to his family he gave us a cheery wave.

Another chap that came up for a chat was an Irish guy who chatted to Bruce for quite a while about the kites, he gave the impression that if he was your friend life would never be dull, one day he was planning to Kayak from his house in Ireland to his sisters in England, he came back later in the day with a friend to have his photo taken with the kites as well.

Quite a few people were flying kite's today, some nice two line delta,s and a nice pair of Delta Conyne's that were flying very steadily, a couple of times our flying was not so steady and we had the odd tangle, a couple of times we had to sort out the tangle ourselves as Margaret was having too good a time chatting to Val or just topping up the tan, someone who shall remain nameless jokingly muttered something about priorities',it wasn't me I hasten to add.

We stayed till 6 pm, could have stayed longer but I was anxious to find out what had happened in the 1st Test Match.

It had been a CRACKING DAY, made even better when I heard the Test result, England had beaten the Aussies, but only just.

Sunday 21st July

Lazy Hazy Day

When I was loading the car with all my kite stuff it was drizzling and no wind, looking over to the coast it did not look much better either, all the weather folk said it would improve so confidence was high for a good day.

When I got to the Haven, just after 9am, Roger and Margaret were already there, it was very misty, the Radar tower was only just visible at times and we could hear fog horns of ships out at sea, at least it was dry " not looking so good, hope it improves " says Roger, " of course it will, going to be really nice later " say's I with fingers crossed behind my back.

The shelter was soon up and with a decent wind blowing along the Haven we opted for full vent's and stayed with them all day as it happens, Margaret went for a walk to Frinton and soon disappeared into to the gloom, not sure our words of advice about how to avoid falling into the sea were totally appreciated.

Margaret arrived back, dry, and her return coincided with a rapidly improving weather situation, becoming a lot brighter and a hint of blue sky, as we had out first cuppa of the day it was getting warmer too, by now we realised that we would probably be the only flyers today, we watched a few folk with kids, buckets and spade's etc walk to the coastal path, find it was high tide meaning no beach and promptly walk back to their car's!!!! how can folk not know when the high tides are ? you can tell when it is going to be high tide a hundred years from now, Do oh.

Dale, who sometimes comes flying with us came along for chat as he was visiting folk locally, as there was no wind in Colchester he had not brought his power kites with him, it was however good too see him and catch up with his new's.

We had another fly before lunch and by now it had turned into a gorgeous day, a steady wind, clear blue sky's and was hot when you were out of the wind, when were having lunch we kept looking round wondering where folk were, not just kite flyers but anyone else as well, for such a nice Sunday the Haven was pretty much deserted.

Early afternoon it was getting really hot, Roger decided it was too hot to stand up and fly so took to sitting down in a comfy chair while he flew his quad, seemed a good idea so I followed suit, was really easy to fly seated as the wind was so good, what a lazy day this was becoming.

As the sun later in the afternoon was almost in front of us we dragged our bones out of the chair's and did a bit of shadow flying, not watching the kite but watching the shadow on the ground, we managed to do a bit of a follow and even docked the kites together a few times by just watching the shadows.

After a while that seemed like hard work ( we had all had a busy week, honest ) so we went back to sitting and flying, all too soon Roger said with a sigh " six o'clock suppose we had better start packing up ", " mm suppose so "

So at about 6.30ish we set off for home, what an exhausting day, not doing much but enjoying yourself is really tiring.

Sunday 28th

Saturday night had been quite lively as the hot humid weather came to a spectacular end with flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder, but not the amount of rain they were predicting, the weather folk had said that the rain could linger into Sunday morning but it didn't, the only thing they got right in the forecast was that it was going to be windy.

On arriving at the Haven it did not appear to have rained at all,  the wind was blowing from the SW at about 20 mph and was a bit gusty, I decided to wait for someone else to arrive before I tried to put up the shelter, Roger and Margaret drove into the car park not long after me, after a bit of a chin wag by the car's we set about putting up the Quechua, even with three pairs of hands it put up a bit of a fight but we soon had it beaten into submission.

It was obvious what we would be flying today, Mega vent's, as Margaret wandered off towards Frinton, Roger and me put the kites together, we had barely got this done before Bruce arrived, soon three Mega vent's were flying around in the sky, the sky was becoming bluer by the minute as the clouds whipped passed, by the afternoon there was hardly a cloud in the sky and with the wind coming in off the sea the day had a lovely fresh feeling to it.

Late morning tea was stretched into lunchtime as we sat and chatted about all thing's kite related, we did some more casual flying after lunch, mid afternoon John Thewell from the EKG came along to say hello as he was out for a drive in the Essex Countryside, there were more people about than last weekend walking or cycling along the path and a few stopped to watch the kite's.

By late afternoon the wind had picked up a bit more so I decided to change my kite for something a bit more racey, I call it " Little Pinky " but everyone else call's it " Aleyshia's kite " as she was it's first owner, it is smaller than a normal quad so is a bit twitchy and is as fast as a whizzy thing can be, when the brakes are fully off your eyeball's can barely keep up with it, when it is blowing hard with the kite hovered, if you suddenly let the brakes off it just disappears, a case of now you see it now you don't..

We did a few docking moves and then a bit of a follow, Little Pinky in the lead and two pedestrian mega's behind, the Mega's are by no means slow in a good blow but they can't keep up with Pinky, as they reached the first turn I was already on lap two, so they ganged up on me by making a moveable road block and tried to corner me into the edges of the wind window.

Bruce was convinced I had a bit of Numptyness in my vanes as Little Pinky whizzed about the sky, talking of Numpty's since the CCTV camera has been up we have not been able to do any Numpty spotting, it would appear that they have been scared off, we no longer get to listen to their souped up rattley Peugeot's or Citroen's in the car park in the afternoon, or perhaps Mum and Dad have got fed up paying for new tyres and have taken the keys off them.

Once again it had been a grand day out at our favourite flying site.