After Peter and Simon had brushed off a few kite flying cobweb's they were joining in with some team flying, the kites must have looked great all flying together as a lot of people out walking / cycling or scooting bye on new Christmas present's stopped to have a look at what we were doing. wonder if that is the London Olympic legacy they have been talking about, folk out getting some exercise.

We did notice today that a number of dog's have also had a good Christmas as a lot of them were wearing doggie coat's, unfortunately not many of the dog's had been given lesson's from Santa on where to poo as a lot seemed to have poo 'd on the footpath's Grrrrrrr !!
January 1st

The Haven flyers started the New Year how we finished the last one, flying kites in the sun and what a great day it turned out to be, Margaret did say that this year at the Haven Christmas has been like spending it at home ( for some of us it is our second home ) but with folk popping along to say hello each day we have been out flying it has been very much like being at home.
The Sun was out nearly all day and the steady wind blowing along the length of the Haven meant we flew the full vent's all day, after a brief fly with the mid vent's first thing.

Five kite's flying today as Peter and Simon were able to join us for a fly, has been a while since we have had the pleasure of their company, all the kites were the same design, just different colours so they made a nice sight in the sky.
A chap who had been flying a model plane stopped for a chat and said that he had a few two line stunt kites at home but was amazed at what could be done with a four line kite, we did point out that kites were a lot cheaper to run than Aeroplanes or Helicopters.

Another pair of visitor's were John and Jeanette who started flying with us this year, they were on a non-flying visit but had come to wish everyone a happy new year, see just like being at home, friends calling in to say hi.

We flew until our shadows were becoming quite long, what a truly great way to start the year.