Hi I'm Bruce's chair
I'm in need of some repair
I have a broken arm rest
To be fixed in what ever way you think best
The other chairs sit outside the tent watching many a kite
While I hide ashamed inside waiting for the fall of night
Each Sunday I am put in the boot of your car
And forgotten as your mind is on things a far
My flapping arm rest will be a thing of the past
I will be fixed at last.
I received this from Margaret and it worked, the chair is now repaired.
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Rob has surprised us all again with yet another superb new kite theme, along with the Polar Bears, Penguins, Seals etc he now has included a splendid new Igloo to complement the Ice Age theme.
You can check out Robs other imaginative creations at the Kiteden.
It seemed a tad cool at the Haven what with the snow and Igloos  so courtesy  of Shaun we cleared off to Cuba.
I bet that ain’t tea.
April 2nd 2013

Well we are still around but after the worst winter for kite flying that most of us can remember in recent years we have not been out much, the last day out was cool and foggy which did little to encourage folk, still next weekend looks good,  the Jetstream has been given a shove further north  and we can expect to roast......
Martin sent Colin some info about the Suffolk Club Big Birthday Bash , looks like fun.