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Let me introduce myself....

My name is Darren but most people call me Daz, I come from Colchester Essex and have been a keen flyer for a few years now. It all started at Cudmore Grove country park, East Mersea ,when my wife, daughter and myself decided to go for walk, as we arrived I could see these huge kites flying and was fascinated at the size and watching the flyers being lifted into the air.


It was while watching, one of the flyers John Fewell came over and started to tell me about these kites, I was hooked. After looking online at various Powerkites I decided to get one. I flew this and various other power kites and even tried to buggy at the Rougham kite festival, this is where I was introduced to quad line Rev kites.


It was by chance I found a thread on a forum for the Plough Corner Home and Garden Show where there would be some guys flying REVS. I went along met the flyers and had a go, this was the kite for me as I had hurt my shoulder flying the power kites. The rest is history, been flying with the Haven Flyers for a couple of years now and can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday (weather permitting) great flying, good friends.

Colin, Daz, Roger and Bruce

Concentrating on something tricky.

John Fewell talking kites with Daz.

Daz with his Revolution kite.

Me? well I am Bruce and I am just plain lucky, being one of the older members of the H.F. I am really well looked after by a great gang of folk.

Colin puts no end of effort into making us all comfortable, every week he provides the sheltered accommodation us older folk tend to need and then when we have guests and in need of some overspill accommodation Daz sorts that out and brings along his shelter too.


If we have the chance of an away day Wilf with his fleet is always willing to cart our gear about for us and lifts are always offered so I don’t have to drive too far or walk anywhere much if I don’t want to.


The Care in the Community goes much further, to keep me from sitting at home and getting bored, folk, and in particular young Roger keep handing over perfectly good new kites so I can try out my ideas for venting experiments etc and they even allow me the chance to career about the sky with them to see how it all works out.


Then there is the entertainment, we don’t seem to be flying very long before laughter can be heard, being old and a bit simple I am allowed to get away with a lot of messing about even when we are supposed to be practicing, although I must say I am sometimes led astray by certain others. With Pete, Simon and Wilf with us there can be seven or more of us all larking around whizzing about the sky, you can’t take it too seriously for very long which suits me just fine.


The Care in the Community does not end there, we tend to be a bit bold with our flying at times and flying beyond my ability mostly ends in crashes and tangles which are usually taken care of by Margaret’s excellent ground crew work, we don’t do much trotting about to sort out tangles these days.


It has been really enjoyable to see folk develop new flying skills, the whole group can fly some tidy team moves, there’s Daz with the two quads at once being mastered, he and Colin with the single handed flying, Pete and Wilf with the stacked kites, there is always something new going on to stop me being bored.......me here with the Haven Flyers....talk about lucky.

Too many buttons on this blasted camera!





Colin Roberts ( aka Wobbly ) Age 50 born in the year of the Ox according to the Chinese Calendar (1961)


I started flying 2 line Delta Kites in the late 90's, first Kite was a cheap kiddies Delta Kite as I wanted something to do on the Beach, but I was blown away at the Suffolk Kite Festival when I saw Carl Robertshaw doing trick flying with a Delta, so I brought a better Delta, a Psycho, others soon followed and I taught myself the basics of trick flying.


Eventually I settled on the Tim Benson range of Deltas after seeing them at the Weymouth Kite Festival.


In early 2000 I met a chap called Rob at Gt. Bentley Green who was flying a thing called a Rev and he foolishly let me have a go, I promptly crashed it ! I met him again sometime later at Clacton beach when he let me have another go, a bit better this time but I still crashed it, he didn’t seem to mind though, but I was fascinated watching him fly a Rev, so soon after I brought my first Rev a 1.5, I gradually learnt the basics and by now I was completely hooked on Revs to the point of selling some of my early Deltas to fund the purchase of other Revs.


I still flew on my own until fortune shone one day, by chance I went to the Martello Tower at Clacton where I met Rob, Bruce and young Pete flying their Revs, Deltas and single line kites , I came away thinking I had known them all my life, other new friends soon followed Terry, Jay, Stu, old Pete, Simon, Daz, Roger, Margaret and Wilf, having their words of encouragement, advice and friendship has been priceless, and they have the same outlook on Kite flying that I do i.e. FUN.

Its great to be involved with everything they do, single line kite displays, Muppet team flying and kite photography ( Kapping ) and now proper team flying with the Haven flyers etc etc.


Its great to be with a group of guys and gals who bring so much enjoyment to people and who don’t take themselves too seriously, buying my first kite was one of my better decisions.

A hard day at the Haven

Single handed quad flying.

In 2008 we went to a kite day at Layer Marney Towers where we first met Colin who was flying his Rev 1 in almost no wind at all, we got talking and he let me have a go but I could not get it off of the ground in such a light wind.


It was at the same event the following year that not only was I lucky to meet Colin again but Bruce as well, both flying Rev's and this time there was wind.


I stood watching them fly for a while and then Bruce turned around offered me his handles and said would I like to have a go (which I did) I flew Bruce's for a while and then Colin's for even longer.


That day got me hooked, two week's later at the Rougham festival I bought my first Rev, Bruce kindly offer to show me how to set it up at the Haven the following week, (thanks Bruce)


And now? well they said that when you fly Quad's you start off standing next to people you don't know but soon find out that you are standing next to new friends, and that is exactly what happened. Not only do I have more Quad kites, but the best bit is I get to fly with a great group of friends.

Hi, my name is Pete Turner and amongst the Haven Flyers also known as Old Pete I guess the reasons' cos I am 74 years young.


I saw my first quad kite at a kite and hot air balloon festival in 2007. Later that year flying a two line Delta up at the Haven (badly) - my style, arms akimbo scarecrow like was corrected by a fellow I now know well - Terry, an occasional Rev flyer.

Also on that day I was introduced to Pete Smith (Young Pete) flying single line kites who suggested I went to the SKF festival where Carl Robertshaw really showed what a quad kite could do.


At that festival Young Pete advised me to look for a someone called Bruce who flew regularly at the Haven. The rest is almost history, but what history.

Bruce kindly let me loose with his blue and yellow quad which in my hands had a mind of its own as similarly demonstrated by others new to the game, I was hooked.

In 2008 I purchased my first vented quad and with the continued support of Bruce things began to improve. I purchased a full sail quad which unfortunately had not been made too well. With no sewing m/c at that time I had a go at modifying the sail by hand to no avail.


The manufacturers replaced the sail so with a now spare sail, I decided to buy a sewing m/c and set about venting the old sail.


This gave me the appetite to start to make my own kites. Again with invaluable advice from Bruce on materials etc. I started to make my own, some turning out better than others.


Over the last 3 years I have met and fly with a great bunch of guys and gals, with Bruce whose advice has enabled us all to be flying better kites and the rest of the gang and my son Simon, Colin provider of shelter, Daz provider of Scotch eggs or pork pies, Roger and Margaret who still patiently sorts out tangles and more recently Wilf who updates us on road situations.

First attempt at single handed Dual line kite flying.

Simon and Pete with the vented “spare” sail.

Hi my name is Simon Turner I am 47 and I'm Old Pete's son.


When Dad started to make kites he soon knocked out some for me. As he said in his notes some were better than others and sometimes this hasn’t helped.


My brother keeps horses and my flying style has been compared with the need for excessive input to control horses but not really applicable to kites.


Nevertheless I am always made welcome when we all fly together and this weekend Colin spent a lot of time correcting my two line flying style - thanks.


Being shut up in a factory all week its great when I come down for the weekend to meet up with everyone up at the Haven and have lots of laughs

Simon taming the wild horse with Colin’s help

Hi I'm Roger


The first kites I remember flying were box kites, then my Dad bought two Peter Powell stunt kites with the long tubular tails, my brothers and I flew these until they were worn out and beyond repair.

I did not fly again until 2006 when my wife and I went to a kite festival at Rougham where I bought a 1.7m Flexifoil sting and this got me back interested in kite flying again.

Hi my name is George and I am one of the Haven Flyers.


Well I say one of the flyers but I do not actually fly a kite I am in fact a Quad Kite pilot, I lodge with Colin and how we met is a little bit spooky, one of my brothers lives with Rob Brixton and has done so for many years although not many knew, then one day Rob introduced him to Colin and the rest of the Haven Flyers, Rob explained that we are very rare and hard to find but the next day Colin saw me on e-bay and the rest is history.


I had never piloted a quad before and was a bit apprehensive at first when it was suggested, but after an intensive training programme I am now fully qualified and able to pilot a variety of quad's from full sails to mega vent's I am also licensed to pilot a two line trick kite with the Benson Gemini being my favourite.


It is however very tiring on the arm's, sometimes I have to have a sit down on another quad in mid air, so I only come out occasionally usually at special event's , this suit's me fine as I am currently studying for my air law and navigation exam so that I can pilot an Ostend bird that flies way up in the sky, some say that is a bit dangerous but that is the kind of guy I am and I love the feeling of the wind in my hair.


So if you see me out having a fly give me a wave, I wont be able to wave back as I will be busy holding onto a kite but I will wiggle one of my leg's and maybe do a handstand for you. Colin

Hi I am Margaret, first of all I am privileged to be part of the Haven Flyers and share a part of my life with an incredibly kind, friendly and helpful group of guys.


If you have already read Colin's Blog you will probably know a little bit about me, if not I am generally found untangling kite lines when the ability of the flyers is pushed a little too far or that's what they tell me, passing round goodies to eat, acting as ballast to hold the shelter and chairs down in strong wind, handing out information sheets when required and arriving back from a long walk in time for tea break.


Since being with the Haven Flyers I have started a new hobby of photography, I hope you have been able to enjoy some of my photo's that accompany Colin's Blog and in the Gallery section.

As for flying a kite I am probably described as an occasional flyer, no make that very occasional flyer, as I do not own a kite, just borrow from Roger's expanding kite bag at the moment my sole aim is to get a kite in the sky, keep it in the sky and land without crashing.


I have much to learn to master a quad line stunt kite as I have never flown anything in my life before.


Hope to see you at the Haven.


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